Aging skin

Over time, the natural aging process, sun exposure, diet, stress, and your own genetics all combine to create the telltale signs of aging skin. We start to recognize fine lines, wrinkles, loss of hydration, uneven tone, rough texture, enlarged pores, and overall skin dullness.

At Face Forward Medical Aesthetics, part of our pledge is to research the best-in-class for every single menu offering. We did the same for skin care regimens. We provide the highest quality medical grade skin care products, which cannot be found in department stores.

Wondering what the differences are between medical grade and over the counter skin care solutions? We explain here in our blog.


ZO skin health in Lexington, MA

ZO skin Health

We are proud to be the only medical spa in Lexington, MA to offer ZO skin health products. ZO is world renowned for only using the best and most effective ingredients. A full menu of offerings covers the spectrum of individualized skin care, within broad categories.

  1. Getting skin ready: Cleanse. Exfoliate. Tone.

  2. Prevent & Correct: Anti-aging. Brightening. Redness. Acne

  3. Protect: Triple-spectrum protection. Scientifically superior sunscreens.

  4. Supplementary: Eye. Hydration + Calming. Body.

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We also supplement our practice with ZO lines of professional chemical peels, post-procedure recovery systems, as well as ZO’s proprietary Hydrafacial booster.

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SkinBetter Science anti-aging skin cream in Lexington, MA at our med spa

SkinBetter Science

Skinbetter science skin care line burst on the scene in 2016. The company founder was a pioneer in developing the dermal filler Restylane, as well as the neurotoxin Dysport.  With a foundation based on advanced science and skincare chemistry, Skinbetter is driven by achieving real results. Even though new to the market, they have established a new standard for the skin care industry.


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