Why Choose Face Forward Medical Aesthetics?

Founded in 2018, Face Forward Medical Aesthetics medical spa was created out of our owner’s personal experience working at a prominent medical spa on Newbury Street. We know what works, and what doesn’t work, and every client experience begins with a complimentary consultation.

Our core principles are:

  • We don’t sell, we educate.

  • We value personal relationships and individualized care.

  • We know you trust us to do the right thing, and we value that trust above all else.

  • We do the research for you. For every category, every menu offering, we promise best-in-class.

  • We have a small town local feel, no big chain or franchise anonymity.

  • We are regular, down to earth, honest people, passionate about aesthetics.

  • We have experience - Jill Canes is an industry veteran, since 2006.

  • We are easy to reach - we are always available for followup questions and care, whether via text, chat, facebook messenger, email, or phone.

  • We are the only spa in Lexington to offer complementary computerized facial complexion analysis ($150 value; see below).

free med spa consultation in Lexington, MA

What’s your Actual skin age?

In minutes, you’ll find out! Did you know that fewer than 5% of medical spas around the country offer a thorough computerized facial skin analysis? How can you be confident in a corrective treatment plan, and then a maintenance treatment plan, without objective evaluation? How will you determine success?

We are the first medical spa in Lexington to offer state of the art skin imaging and analysis. Your skin will be compared to a database of 250,000 people, and then specifically compared to others with a birthday within one year of yours.

You’ll find out how your true “skin age” compares to your chronologic “calendar age.” Is your skin younger or older than it should be?

Not just a photograph - see through your skin to the deep layers

Were you a sun worshiper? The answer lies beneath. Using multi-spectral imaging, in minutes you’ll have an analysis of UV spots, wrinkles, texture, pore size, red/brown spots, and porphyrins. Then you will find out how each category compares to people your age.


During our free computerized skin analysis and consultation in Lexington, MA we will create a customized plan for you

We don’t Just tell you, we show you

When we prepare a personalized skin care regimen, we don’t just tell you it will work, we will show you over time. We will track changes in the VISIA Complexion Analysis System. If you’re a candidate for any of our treatments, you’ll know that it works, because you’ll see the results first hand, in an objective fashion. How refreshing!

We don’t just say we’ll provide individualized service, but we actually have the tools to give you the recommendations that fit your specific skin conditions after a comprehensive and detailed computerized analysis (and we have fun doing it!). We can’t wait to meet you!



Ready to schedule your complimentary consultation and skin analysis?