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Of all the new skin treatments being developed every day, the Hydrafacial MD has been one of the most popular innovations in recent years. Trendiness alone isn't why I chose to offer the Hydrafacial at Face Forward, of course.

But the reasons behind the procedure's popularity with models, actresses, and beauty editors? Those certainly caught my eye.

The before and after photos of people who had received Hydrafacials made me interested in the procedure. Then, when I spoke to test patients in person and got their Hydrafacial reviews, I knew it was right for my office. This is what convinced me:

1. Hydrafacial is a gentle exfoliator

When we talk about Hydrafacial MD, we're referring both to the procedure and to the patented handpiece and its vortex technology. Maybe that sounds a little industrial, but it's actually gentler on the skin than microdermabrasion and traditional glycolic peels. During the first step in this treatment, an attachment on the handpiece spins to remove dead skin cells while simultaneously applying cleanser. Already, you can feel that first layer of skin being refreshed and buffed.

The next pass of the Hydrafacial delivers glycolic and salicylic acids, which chemically exfoliate the skin cells further, while also killing bacteria.

But unlike a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, this method isn't a stripping off of skin layers but a gradual blend of chemical and physical exfoliation. That's important, because it means after the procedure, you won't look red and blotchy. This is why stars like Kate Winslet and models like Candice Swanepoel were early adapters of the Hydrafacial: It makes them glowing and camera ready right away.

2. The Hydrafacial is a powerful pore cleanser

Even if you absolutely hate housework, there's no denying that there's something fundamentally satisfying about seeing something go from dull and dirty to clean and shiny. And even though we all know that squeezing out our pores in front of the mirror at home is such a no-no, we would love to experience that same sense of deep-cleaning in our skin. At the same time, getting manual pore extractions in a traditional European facial can be uncomfortable at best — and painful at worst.

During the third step of a Hydrafacial, after those glycolic and salicylic acids have opened up your pores nicely, the handpiece sucks out all the dirt and bacteria without the pinching you get in a regular facial.

Make no mistake, this isn't a soft massage either, but you will feel like something is getting the job done. This is going to be the cleanest your skin has been in a while.

3. Hydrafacial benefits go deep

In one of the earliest studies of hydradermabrasion, researchers found that the products delivered through this machine had visibly and measurably better results than when they were just applied to the surface — patients had thicker epidermis layers, increased antioxidant levels, smaller pores, and fewer fine lines and sun spots.

That's because in the final step of the Hydrafacial, that spinning vortex action infuses the skin cells with peptides, antioxidants, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, rather than just painting the products on top layer of your skin

Just so you know, throughout your facial, your face will be wet, wet, wet as we saturate your cells with ingredients.

4. We can customize for your needs

While the signature Hydrafacial includes plenty of medical-grade ingredients, you can choose to add growth-factor serums, retinols, and brightening boosters for rejuvenating your skin. We can also add red-light therapy — still using the Hydrafacial handpiece — which stimulates cell growth, helping to repair your skin from sun damage. You can also use blue light, which improves acne and rosacea.

5. Immediate results and no downtime

As I've already mentioned, the Hydrafacial has become the go-to treatment for people about to be in front of the camera. That's not just celebrities, but also anyone who's getting ready for a special event, like a wedding, a gala, or a work conference. With more invasive procedures, you'd have to come in weeks in advance to give your skin time to heal, but people look their best the day after having their Hydrafacial, when their skin is clean and radiant. Plus the whole thing only takes about half an hour.

6. It's suitable for everyone

Whether you're an acne-prone teen or a 70-year-old hoping to reduce the appearance of age spots, you'll see improvement in your skin after a Hydrafacial. It's also a pretty great option for anyone afraid of needles or with a low threshold for pain.

Because this is a noninvasive procedure, it doesn't quite last as long as more involved treatments (as in the ones that use needles and lasers). Hydrafacial can't take the place of something like Botox, because it is still a surface treatment that doesn't address the underlying cause of wrinkles and lines.

Eventually, as you return to your regular skincare routine, go back out in the sun, and apply makeup, the glow will begin to fade. To maintain benefits of a Hydrafacial, you'll want to get it done every four to six weeks, making it a staple of a good skincare regimen.

Think of it as the spring cleaning that reveals the healthy, beautiful skin you've had all along — without having to upgrade or remodel. If you’re in the Lexington, MA or greater Boston area, contact our office today to learn more about Hydrafacials and to book your appointment.

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