“The eyes are the window to the soul.”

When it comes to facial expressions, and the essence of who you are, this is true in so many beautiful ways.

Tear trough treatment with under eye filler in Lexington, MA

But in the context of the aging face, the eyes really can be the focal point, a sort of barometer of aging that really reveals your age. When we look at ourselves in the mirror and think, “I look tired,” under eye hollows or dark circles are often the cause.


What are under-eye hollows? What causes dark circles? What is the tear trough?

A careful examination and thoughtful consultation can often determine the cause of aging concerns under the eye, which may be due to multiple factors. As we age, a fat pad under the eye drops down (gravity isn’t our friend). Volume loss under the eye, changes in skin pigment, increased visibility of blood vessels, or a combination of these factors may be responsible.

Can we use dermal filler under eyes?

Absolutely. This is called “tear trough filler” and there’s not wonder it has become extremely popular, because under the correct circumstances it works very well.  When volume loss is the culprit causing shadows under the eyes, injection of dermal fillers often does wonders. When patients have a depression right under the eye hollow, this is called the tear trough. Strategic placement of filler in the tear trough fills in this trough, creating a natural appearance of youthful smoothness.


Your solution for dark circles and under-eye hollows may include: