Hydrafacial in Lexington, MA

3 steps. 30 minutes. The best skin of your life.

Every few months, we go to the dentist for a deep cleaning of our teeth and gums. Radiant youthful skin is achieved with regular deep extraction and exfoliation, but most of us neglect ongoing skin maintenance. Hydrafacial MD® technology allows deep cleaning and resurfacing treatment for the skin giving you an immediate glow with no downtime. Essentially, Hydrafacial® is a wet microdermabrasion, with each of its multiple facial “steps” achieving both chemical and mechanical exfoliation.

Special event coming up? You’ll look radiant and relaxed the very next day after your hydrafacial®!


Hydrafacial MD®: how does it work?

A special handpiece with interchangeable tips infuse serums into the skin, while a vortex fusion suction removes and extracts dead skin, debris, oil, and dirt. The multi-step treatment takes 30 minutes, involves no pain, and feels soothing and relaxing. Zero downtime. Even apply makeup right after if you want (you won’t want to!).

Who is a candidate? What results can I expect?

Hydrafacial® is appropriate for all skin types, including patients with acne, and those with sensitive skin. Hydrafacial® improves pore size, tone and texture, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and other aging concerns. Your skin will feel firmer, with reduced appearance of red and brown spots. Skin texture will feel smooth. The radiant glow will last for a week or more. Optimal results are achieved with a series of regular hydrafacials.



hydrafacial MD® for Men

Receiving a facial has now become a gender-neutral phenomenon. This stands to reason! Men have specific skin concerns that make hydrafacial an especially well suited solution. These include:

  • shaving damage

  • clogged pores, blackheads

  • dry, oily skin

  • coarse skin texture


Before & After Photos

Hydrafacial before and after photo, brown spots
Hydrafacial before and after photos fine lines
Hydrafacial before and after photos nasolabial folds

Please note as with all medical procedures, the same results shown above may not occur with all patients.


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